Onsite hardware and software support.

Minneapolis, MN IT guy that supports all computer related issues from server repair to Quickbooks support and repair to cloud migration.

Unlocking Potential

Unlocking your potential

Very own hands-on IT solution for personalized experience.

Guiding you in the right direction using most reputable solution available in todays fast-paced IT world.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Industry Certified Engineer

To personally assist you with your computing needs

Feel confident your getting a quality professional that has been certified with industry standards.

Certified IT Solutions, Inc is a Registered Microsoft® Partner which brings large company, enterprise level experience to your business at an affordable rate. Our clientele is generally small to medium size businesses that do not have a need or budget for a full time Network Engineer/Administrator. Certified IT Solutions takes pride providing our clients with a professional MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) staff that has many years of Fortune 500 IT infrastructure experience. Our Engineers will keep your company well oiled and poised for future growth and we will always recommend the best reputable brands in the industry to insure that your organization will stay on the leading edge of technology.

Certified IT Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to being the best choice for your technical needs. We guarantee to meet or exceed your expectations. Our best clients have come as word of mouth referrals. We want to continue our success by providing your company with unbeatable reliability, professionalism and value. Let us prove to be the best technical resource for your business.